It's Official!! Country Rocks...

What do you get when you cross the Scottish highlands with urban cowboys, honky tonk women, mixed-up music, finger lickin' food, a smattering of hay, late summer sunshine, the coolest saloon this side of the Atlantic, a tough wooden dance floor... and real southern style? 

Well, ain't it obvious? 

You get a boot stompin, hip shakin' end of summer hoedown....



Country Rocks @ Papa Rock, Aviemore

Created by Acoustic Wave

Profits to MacMillan Nurses

With lots of help from and special thanks to:-

Venue:  Papa Rock, Aviemore

DJ: Lenny Love, Edinburgh

Ticket Sales:  Mary Watt

Creative / Poster Design:  Wired Studio, Aberdeen

all those who donated a little extra for the charity...

and EVERYONE who turned out on the night!! 

Want to relive the night with your own music playlist?

See ya'll again next time..... 

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  1. Great Night - had so much fun!! And for a good cause too :)


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