The Mercy of Market Forces...

Until fairly recently, the term 'market' often conjoured up images of rickety stalls, flimsy plastic covers, a pitch on a dreary patch of concrete in some forgotten corner of the city.  The word has also been absorbed into our mainstream, corporate culture;  supermarkets, financial markets.  So, a powerful, refreshing antidote to these 'common markets' has been a long time coming...

The market revolution of recent years has resulted in original, beautiful and inspiring markets popping up everywhere - day and night - and some of the best are also under cover....

On Wednesday, I attended The Night Market, just outside St Andrews with The Fisherman's Larder.  Hosted in a beautiful barn - complete with indoor BBQ - this event happens every 2-4 weeks.

The ethos is 'Food. Drink. Music. Happy'.  Find out more and see images at

On Friday, I headed through to Edinburgh with Funk Fair - the capital's longest running vintage fair - to be part of the new Platform 2 Market @ Waverly Station.  Located inside the train station -  beneath a stunning glass roof -  this space is an imaginative, central location for the weekly showcase of food, arts, crafts and live music.  

Each week, a visiting market takes its place amidst the hustle and bustle.  Funk Fair will be there on the 1st Friday of every month, with our eclectic mix of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, homewares, jewellery, accessories and curios.  Find out more at the Funk Fair facebook page.

Creative. Vibrant. Different.  An alternative kind of market culture has evolved in cities, towns and farms, giving us all a chance to discover - or rediscover - the simple pleasures and positive ideals of homegrown, local, artisan, upcycled and community.  
These are the kind of market forces we can all embrace... wouldn't you agree!?

A little background...

I attended the above markets with my clients Scene Scotland (Funk Fair) and The Fisherman's Larder.  Find out more about my work and Acoustic Wave - boutique media, marketing and entertainment studio - at

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