Acoustic Wave - The Creative Power Of Sound...

The natural flow of acoustic waves 
- a power at that heart of our own existence 
- can also influence everything we, in turn, 
create and communicate in the world. 

An article I recently discovered at LA Yoga - The Power and Promise of Sound - echoes much of what I've been reading and writing about the spirit and science behind acoustic waves (aka sound waves), including the immense power of your own thoughts and words.

"Sound is the very fount from which our universe arises. It is responsible for creating, sustaining, and destroying all life and all matter.

Simply put, sound is the organizing and integrating impulse behind everything. 

Make better “sound choices” in your life to create the change you want to see in your world and the world around you."  Read the full article at

You can also read my earlier post 'Om: The Origins & Essence Of Acoustic Wave' at

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