Feeling The Love For Your Local Farmers Market...?

Love food? In this month of passion, delve into a deep romance with your local farmers market…

+ discover a bounty of honest, real food! It’s been on your doorstep all along...
+ meet the (match) makers - producers can pair you with your dream foods!
+ wander, linger, breath in the fresh air
+ taste mouth-watering, nutritious, wholesome ingredients
+ be adventurous - try artisan treats and local delicacies
+ love the planet – bring a bag and reusable containers to fill with goodies
+ spread the love - visiting the farmers market is supporting your community!

See more at Pittenweem Chocolate Company... http://bit.ly/1DBQ5T6

A little background...

Working with my client The Pittenweem Chocolate Company,  Acoustic Wave provides:-

social media marketing
blog writing
website management
news releases, media kits, press coverage

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