Red Letter Day...

Red Letter magazine
Issue: 29th March, 1952
Our Quiet Corner - Too Good To Forget...

"Give thanks for the small things: hot water, clean blankets, for people who smile and don't grizzle along, for a whistling newsboy, a joke in the paper, flowers in the hedgerows, a bird's clear, sweet song. Before we start grousing, let's think of the nice things - of all those who love us, and kind things they've done, of homeliness, warmth, and the blessing of families - of all earth's small wonders, it's beauty and fun. It's easy to praise, in devotion, the big things, like Life, Birth, and happily falling in love! But let us give thanks, too, for precious wee "side lights", which brighten our way when we can't see the sun!"

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