The Voice Of... Tarmac - Sustainable Construction (Imagine)

The human race is a pretty incredible species.  We have the power to use our imagination and intelligence in creative, wonderful ways.  This is why I believe passionately in imagining a sustainable future that's truly better for people and planet.  And with this in mind, it's exciting when a voice over project comes along that aligns beautifully with these ideals....

New: Voice Over - Short Corporate Film (Imagine)

Client: Tarmac

Background: Sustainable Construction Solutions

Style/theme: Narration. Straight, informative, inspirational.


Book Me: I'm in the studio and taking bookings for voice overs this week + next week.

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Vicky Watt is a leading Scottish, female voice over artist available daily from her professional studio by the sea. She'll also happily travel to your chosen studio in the city for face-to-face voice sessions. For more information, please go to her main page at

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