Helena and The Blue Morpho Butterfly

Here's a little story about serendipity and synchronicity.

I recently discovered that my favourite species of butterfly, the Blue Morpho, has within its family a beauty called the Helena. This felt like a touch of fate. The butterfly - in particular the blue morpho - has in recent years become a kind of personal totem. Most recently, while pregnant, I stumbled upon a print of the 'Flutter' painting by Katy Jade Dobson Art and it captivated me immediately.  I treated myself to this as a kind of maternity gift. For me, this painting of butterflies, including blue morphos, was symbolic of a big life transformation into motherhood and a reminder of the flutter you feel when baby starts moving. Anyway, I had a baby girl and named her...Helena.  Of course, the twist here is that I named her before I learned that my favourite butterfly also has a Helena in the family. 

Talking about this with a friend today reminded me of why the blue morpho butterfly captured my attention in the first place.  It happened a few years ago via a book called 'The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity'. I randomly bought the book while waiting for a bus on George Street in Edinburgh, partly due to the eye-catching blue morpho on the cover and partly because it was about the cool subjects of signs and destiny.

Shortly afterwards, I turned a corner onto St Andrews Square and saw the blue morpho butterfly again. This time it was massive, on a huge billboard. Underneath were the words...

Moments later, I found a dedication inside the book, to a woman who...

...'saw the larger picture'.

There really are signs everywhere. xo

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