Save The Date! The Fisherman's Larder @ Bowhouse Food Weekend...

Date For Your Diary! Catch The Fisherman's Larder​ at Bowhouse​ Food Weekend on Sunday 24th September - a laid-back, vibrant + bustling indoor market celebrating artisan makers and producers from in and around Fife.

Beneath the roof of an impressively converted barn, imagine sizzling street-food and off-the-beaten-track delicacies, mouth-watering aromas, rain-proof picnic areas,  gourmet ingredients, demonstrations,  a treasure trove of take-home treats, local craft drinks, children’s entertainment…oh, and a favourite with seafood…prosecco!

We’ll be there with our shellfish - ready-to-eat or take home - sustainably caught in creels from waters just a hop, skip and a sail from the Bowhouse venue.

From The Fisherman’s Larder: hand-picked and hand-prepared dressed crab (with no additives), decadent mini lobster cocktail pots, cooked lobster and cooked crab!

Discover more and whet your appetite at
Or go straight to the Bowhouse Food Weekend. …out of the sea, onto your plate.

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