Reconnect With Your Wildhood...A Festival For Children + Fun-Loving Families

Explore. Create. Unplug. Discover a spellbinding adventure...  

We invite you to breathe in the forest air, embrace the outdoors and experience a world created just for children...and their fun-loving families! Partnering with Scotland’s wonderful wizards of creative pursuits and eco-fun - alongside master of traditional arts and crafts - we’re excited to present an exploratory, artistic weekend of adventure filled with family activities, arts and craft and theatrical magic. Try your hand at bushcraft and forestcraft techniques, build your own boat to set sail on our moat, listen to folklore and storytelling, uncover the mysteries of our natural world or get (a little bit) lost in our maze. Most importantly, have a whole lot of FUN.

All this, amidst the wonder of an enchanting castle and beautiful woodland, in the heart of the Scottish countryside.

We’ve conjured up a thrilling programme of events and activities to keep you entertained throughout the weekend.  And that's a pinkie promise.

Right now, we’re still putting the final touches to the inaugural line-up (there's lots more to follow) and we’re already in awe of the many talented individuals and organisations who’ll be joining us for WILDHOOD  - Scotland’s first, dedicated children’s camping festival.

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