Plastic - Out With The Old, In With The New...?

Is being more ocean and planet friendly one of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, the plastic issue is hard to ignore. It can be really confusing though, deciding when and how to minimise plastic consumption. A recent report - published in a flurry of mainstream newspapers - highlighted a potential issue with switching to ‘plastic alternatives’. The report suggests that the production/transportation of non-plastic packaging could cause higher C02 emissions. However, Dr Sue Kinsley from Marine Conservation Society said this in response:-

“We’re not actually talking about a one-on-one substitution.
We’re talking about reducing use first, then substitution with more sustainable materials - for example, glass can be recycled many, many more times than plastic. Also plastic itself comes from the oil industry, which is a finite resource.” Read more at The Scotsman -

Here are 9 simple and positive ways to minimise - or substitute - plastic packaging:-

1: Butter: switch from big plastic tubs to simply-wrapped blocks. Store in a butter dish.

2: Razors: swap disposable plastic razors for a reusable steel razor.

3: Laundry: switch to washing powder in cardboard box

4: Food: wherever possible, buy loose fruit and veg and hand-wrapped meat/fish from a counter.

5: Water : fill up at the tap with a reusable bottle - and there are lots of filter options available too.

6: BYO - tea/coffee mugs, tupperware and straws for take-away.

7: Milk: if possible, switch to a local firm delivering in glass bottles - reducing transport miles, reusing bottles.

8: Soap: swap from liquid soap to a bar.

9: As a conscious consumer, consider ways to reduce ‘consumption’ overall; e.g. where can you buy less plastic,  recycled  plastic, an alternative to plastic or opt to buy nothing to at all.

Remember, plastic can only really be downcycled and there is no throwing it ‘away.’ On the other hand, glass and aluminium can be infinitely #recycled. Lastly, it may seem like your efforts are a drop in the ocean. Yet, each positive action can inspire change in another person - or corporation or country. Together, we can create a ripple effect… xoxo  #sos #saveourseas

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