Wildhood Memories...

Dreaming of a carefree, summer escape with your family? Below, visitors to WILDHOOD share their memories of the children's festival in summer 2018...

On favourite activities and experiences

‘Honestly everything the kids did they enjoyed as did we. Stone carving, dirt battery, water filtration, cinema yurt, fairy godmother, graffiti art, pony ride, birds of prey, bumble bee making and playing with natural objects to fill in animal outlines, Yuke band, pond dipping, story telling in various locations and styles, arts and crafts table, wishing tree, flower headband making, honestly when I asked the kids what their favourite thing was they said it all and I would honestly say the same.’ - visitor, WILDHOOD 2018

On value for money

‘What an absolute delight to not have to keep digging in pockets for £2 here, £4 there! This was excellent value for money - the kids brought home a whole haul of stuff as well as the experiences they had. Making everything included in the ticket cost was a FANTASTIC idea.’ - visitor, WILDHOOD 2018

In 3 little words

‘Creative, free-spirited, friendly’
- visitor, WILDHOOD 2018

Hope you’ll join us in 2019 and make some memories of your own…

WILDHOOD - a children’s festival
Tullibole Castle
1st and 2nd June 2019
More info and tickets: www.wildhoodfestival.com
#wildhoodfestival #thewildhoodway #disconnecttoconnect
image by Duke Photography

A little background...

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