Spotlight On Skills Development Scotland

Last week, I voiced a couple of radio ads for Skills Development Scotland and it started me thinking about how I started out, back in the day…
Straight out of school, I got my foot in the studio door with support from Skillseekers Allowance and Job Enterprise Training - Broadcasting; and ma and pa who spent many Saturday nights driving me the ‘lang scots miles’ to Speysound Radio in Aviemore; and of course, generous mentors, employers and collaborators.
As the years have reeled by, I’ve learned that behind every lucky break or dream-come-true, there are always others helping to make it possible. And that’s always worth remembering.
So, for the record, T H A N K Y O U.
Learn more about how SDS can help you at 
ps. Following a wee holiday, I’m back in the recording studio. Need a #voiceartist? You can listen to my recent #voiceovers and enquire about booking via and

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