Kingdom Of WILDHOOD...

Did you know…our venue, Tullibole Castle, is exactly half way between Stirling Castle and Falkland Palace? So, back in the day it was a popular stop for the kings of old…

And, this summer, the ancient castle will play host to our Queens and Kings of WILDHOOD. Surrounded by secluded grounds, boasting a 9th Century ruined medieval church, a maze and a 150-yard moat, Tullibole is a place fit for fairytales.

So, treat yourself like royalty! Come and play in the Kingdom of WILDHOOD…

WILDHOOD - a children’s festival
Tullibole Castle
1st and 2nd June 2019
More info and tickets:
#KindgdomOfWildhood #BornToBeWild
#wildhoodfestival #thewildhoodway #disconnecttoconnect

top image via tullibole castle
bottom images by Duke Photography

A little background...

Working with the team at WILDHOOD,  I provide social media storytelling and copywriting.  Find out more about Acoustic Wave - boutique media, marketing and entertainment studio - at

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