Plastic Free July 2019

This month, it's Plastic Free July. This challenge is an invitation to help end our misuse of plastic, in an effort to save our seas - and ourselves. So, here are 21 ideas for reducing plastic waste in our own home and daily lives...

1: Butter: swap tubs for wrapped blocks. 
2: Razors: swap disposable for reusable steel 
3: Laundry: switch to powder in cardboard box
4: Fruit and Veg and Fresh Meat. Fish, Cheese; choose loose and/or hand-wrapped
5: Water : fill up at the tap
6: BYO - tea/coffee mugs, tupperware and straws for take-away.
7: Milk: can you switch to a local firm delivering in glass bottles?
8: Soap: swap from liquid soap to a bar.
9: Sanitary Wear: reusable, washable pads or ‘mooncups’
10: Babies and Little Ones; fsc certified wooden toys, reusable nappies, metal bottles/sippy cups
11: Clothing; swap synthetic plastic fibres for natural materials
12 Wet Wipes; switch to 'cheeky wipes' or similar
13 Shampoo and Conditioner: try a bar, or find a refill station (eg Faith In Nature at The Smoke Fired Whole Foods Shop in Crail), or look for bulk size bottles in 100% recycled plastic.
14 Picnics and BBQs; Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Salsa, Tomato Sauce etc can be bought in glass. Hummus and Coleslaw can be made at home, quickly and easily. Just google a recipe and go for it.
15 Dental Care: switch to bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste in tablet form. Discover more at
16 Make and Bake: handmade, quickie bread, wraps and pizza base in just over an hour at
17 Clingfilm; switch to reusable foodwrap like Bplasticfree
18 Cleaning: switch to Oceansaverpods or use refills, eg. Ecover at Smoke Fired Wholefoods in Crail.
19 Treats: buy unpackaged cakes from the bakery, choose a fruit that isn’t pre-packed
20 Juice; pick the glass or aluminium packaging - unlike plastic, these are infinitely recyclable
21 Refuse: discover the delight of doing without, there comes a point where it just feels better to refuse plastic

Lastly, given the challenges, it may feel like your efforts are a drop in the ocean. Yet, each positive action can inspire change in another person - or corporation or country. 

Together, we can create a ripple effect… 

Discover more xoxo 

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