RECIPE: Peacamole (Crail Food Festival)

RECIPE! Spring is in the air, bright green shoots 🌱 are appearing everywhere, and we’re sharing a seasonal, home-grown, spin on a 'world food' classic! Whether you love simple avocado toast, or tacos lathered in ‘green gold', there’s no denying the global demand for guacamole. BUT you may be pleasantly surprised to discover a (very) distant cousin - peacamole - offers a delicious alternative bursting with flavour, a lower ecological footprint, and wider availability. In fact, you can even grow the key ingredients in your own garden…⁣

⁣1 x large cup of fresh or frozen peas (thawed)⁣
1 x clove of garlic ⁣
1 x handful of coriander, roughly chopped⁣
Juice of half a lime⁣
1 x large pinch of sea salt⁣
1 x large pinch of smoked paprika and/or chilli⁣
Glug of olive oil⁣

Add all ingredient to a blending jug. Whizz up with a hand-held blender. And you’re done. Use as a dip. Spread on toast for an easy lunch - maybe topped with summery tomatoes and crunchy onion. Alternatively, try it as a sweeter alternative to guacamole. It’ll stay fresh tasting in the fridge for a day or so.⁣


Post originally written for Crail Food Festival

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