The Winter Sea

Somewhere amidst work and the everyday wonders of lockdown in winter, it's pure pleasure to curl up with a great book! That said, never before have I read a novel twice! I thought it was maybe pregnancy hormones that tugged so powerfully the first time round, but this story also led me to Cruden Bay and Slains Castle, where The Winter Sea has been written into the castle walls, the village shoreline, and my love of the place. Unable to go back to ‘our’ wee beach house at the moment, I’ve picked up the book again and joined Carrie in her cottage by the sea, as she unravels the secrets of Sophia and the castle that became her home. It’s a work of fiction mixed with fact...or is it? Whatever, maybe it’s enough that the soul of it is true. I highly recommend this one, and the follow-up The Firebird, for pure escapism. 💕🌊 ✨ 📚

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