Happy Place. Happy Face.

On a chilly Scottish east coast day - not uncommon -  there's no better feeling that getting cosy in the studio to record a voice over script about a community shaping its own bright future. Happy place. Happy face!😊  I've been lucky to work from my home for a good few years now and lately a lot of people seem to be switching on to the benefits. It's great to see some corporate bosses giving their employees more flexibility. With increased productivity, a sense of fulfilment, and better health being just a few of the positive outcomes, long may it continue!  If you'd like to hear more of my work check out vickywatt.co.uk. If you'd prefer a peek at life on the east coast of Scotland - because I can't live in the studio 24/7 - please check out my instagram page @vixbythesea for lots of seascapes and personal musings about celebrating simple pleasures and positive ideals in everyday life! 🌊

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