March For Women

 "She's like a mother to me." "She was an inspiration". "I couldn't do it without her." ✨

These statements - perhaps about a friend, mentor, colleague, grandmother, foster mother, aunty, sister, mother figure, teacher - are a lovely reminder there are so many wonderful women we can celebrate in March around International Women's Day, Women's History Month, and, of course, on Mother's Day.

It's a beautiful time to think of, and, if possible, reach out to the women who inspire, support, and love us.

This wonderful woman may be from our past or present, our own birth or adoptive mother, a precious loved one, and/or someone who doesn't even realise the beautiful impact she's made on your life.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating all the brave and vulnerable, beautiful and imperfect, creative and hard-working, struggling and thriving, women of our world.

Today. This month. Always. 💕

THANK YOU to all women who help make life better - right here in our cafe and out in the world. With love from Sophie, Fiona, Sue, Louisa, Malin, Ann, Weronica, Kirsty, Jojo, Emily, Lizzy, Simone, Hollie, Lorna, Vicky, all of us at Pittenweem Chocolate Company. 💖

Ps. If there's someone you'd like to mention and celebrate, we'd love to hear in the comments!

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