🎙 Bus adventures are the best! Headphones in and heading off to see my favourites! Also, when it’s time for an in-person voice session 🎤 , hopping on a bus to the city makes the trip hassle-free! So, I was super happy to do the #FVO for a recent spotify radio ad for #Stagecoach. You can listen to this and more demos, or book, via

🎤 😘 💕

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And Recording...

And recording..... 🎤 😘 💕 It’s so ace to be back in the studio with some regular #voiceover clients that I’ve really missed during lockdown!

After lots of people ‘going dark’ for so many months, it’s a relief to speak with more of you again - and find you healthy and feeling a little more free.

Equally, big THANK YOU to the people I’ve been really lucky to work with throughout this challenging time. I’ll always feel grateful to flick those switches, see the studio light up, and hear a familiar voice down the line.💡

If you’d like to book a recording session, I’m available weekdays. Please find more at

Let's Taco 'Bout It...

Since my only regular clients at the moment are a food festival and a Mexican street food kitchen - the rest are in lock-down - guess it's fairly natural to be obsessed with feasting. More than usual. 😍

And isn't everyone experimenting more in their home kitchen these days, anyway? 

My biggest adventure since lock-down began has been creating Scampi Tacos. Pittenweem prawns, for the first batch of scampi, were gifted by a local fisherman.   Also, I love to find a vegan alternative to meat dishes, so I had Crunchy Cauliflower Scampi Tacos the following week. Life-changing! Meanwhile, my compadre tried locally sourced Crunchy Fish (haddock) Tacos. You can do this in the oven if you prefer but they're much drier.

Everything was homemade, including the 'tortillas' and the 'peacamole'. I also chopped up some tomatoes and onions for a simple salsa, and added some naked slaw in a lime dressing for extra crunch. Lots of coriander, too, of course. The addition of tartar sauce added extra zest to this dish. The homemade vegan version - featuring the new Hellmans Vegan Mayo as a base - was oh, soooo fine.  🌮

Whatever next? Hope you're also having lots of kitchen adventures! Stay well...and well-fed! xo 


‘They told our stories at campfires, casting our words into the sky, again and again, until they ascended and sparked upon the night forever.’ ✨⁣⁣⁣

(creative writing | the mermaid station)

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A Fiesta Of Feasting In Aberdeen....

'Muchacho is on a mission to bring the authentic flavours of Mexican street food to the people of Aberdeen. Everything we prepare is made from scratch with honest, natural ingredients. Our everyday, healthy feasts are created to excite all the senses and celebrate the spirit of Mexico - on our streets and in your home.'

Discover more via @muchachohq or
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On this beach she felt cradled by something that could only be described as divine. In all the most beautiful ways, being here made her feel like anything was possible… She was about to grasp for something to say when the need for words fell away. The rising sun kissed the horizon and performed its alchemy. In a divine breath, their despair turned to awe. A delicate frost glittered across the sand. As the sun climbed higher, shades of blue and pink brushed across the golden canvas, until at last, a bright new day claimed the sky and mirrored its intent in the glass waters of low tide… It wasn’t rational; nothing had changed. Yet, the warmth of the morning sun had thawed another layer of winter and bright faith sprung from some deep, hidden well.’⁣

- The Mermaid Station⁣ (creative writing | fiction)