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It’s been a busy few days amidst the creative waves. 

Researching and writing interview questions for a series of short films about some very interesting people reminded me of being back in radio production and interviewing Kylie by proxy - yes, I can almost say I almost met Kylie. But not quite. I should be so lucky. 

Writing social media posts for 6 x super cool small businesses reminded me how good it feels to lose track of time doing work that doesn’t feel like work. 

And doing voiceovers for a series of educational modules about mental health issues reminded me that regardless of how we make a living and no matter what our ‘highlight reel’ looks like, it’s most important to make a life that FEELS good. 

In a seashell, seek out simple pleasures, treasure people we love to share time with, and find the courage to speak up when all isn’t well. Our health is our wealth and it’s vital to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Image by Adrian Dascal via Unsplash

A Recipe For La Dolce Vita...

What happens when you mix the deep sea with dark chocolate? You’re creating a recipe for 'la dolce vita' - the sweet life…

According to an article published in the journal, Health Place, those who live by the coast report better physical and mental health, over all. The sound of the sea encourages us to unwind, while ocean blues are calming and inspiring. Meanwhile, recent studies show that eating dark chocolate (minimum 70% cacao) reduces inflammation and stress, while improving memory, immunity and mood.

So, if you stay or holiday in Pittenweem, you’re in Scotland’s very own sweet spot.
PS. Our dark chocolates - handmade in Pittenweem - are made with heapfuls of cacao and infused with a big pinch of sea air. Visit us on the village high street or discover our online shop at\


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Bathing in the morning light at West Shore, the cool North Sea wind filling my lungs, it’s hard to comprehend that on the other side of the world, our rainforest, ‘lungs of the planet,' is burning. It’s hard to believe that I’d just been thinking of throwing out my pine furniture because it’s cheap and dated, even as trees that take decades to grow are being hacked down all over the world, taking with them biodiversity and the air we breathe. And then comes the shame of wondering if there’s any point in caring, of compromising, followed by the shame of not doing nearly enough, and of writing about it because it helps my ego and heart feel useful. And on it goes. Still, the tide keeps rolling in, without judgement, again and again. Breathe in. Breathe out. So, I pick up a plastic wrapper that had been caught between a rock and a hard place, find a bin, then walk home. The music washes over me, and a new day begins.

‘sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air, 
I know I can count on you,
sometimes i feel like saying lord i just don’t care
but you’ve got the love i need
to see me through.’
- Florence & The Machine, You Got The Love
Album: Lungs

11 Ways To Protect Our Lungs...

1 switch to #renewables @ecotricity 
2 drive less, in a smaller or electric car
3 take the bus, train or walk 
4 wave goodbye to air travel …and enjoy more #staycations
5 ask what the new clothes, furniture, whatever, are worth to us - do they cost the earth? 
6 choose more and more #plasticfree
7 choose home grown, local, organic, sustainable, fsc, reclaimed
8 eat more plants 🌱, less meat/dairy
9 switch to a bank with ethics as standard
10 live more simply, leave smaller 👣 
11 speak 🔈 out and act up 💕

Learn more via Greenpeace. 

Our WILDHOOD Summer - Come Rain Or Shine...

Missing your WILDHOOD? Let us help you reconnect! This summer, we’re sharing some of our favourite places to enjoy a family #staycation - with optional camping - come rain or shine. 

First up, if you’re looking for sea, sand and fun in spades, here are 5 Must-Visit Beaches….

Fond of sand dunes and salty air? This east coast beach will be seaside heaven. Follow signs for Lunan Bay off the coastal route between Arbroath and Montrose and head down the single-track road to this hidden gem. Stay on the simple campsite just behind the huge dunes - - breakfast at the Lunan Bay Diner, bbq at your own pitch and play upon miles of soft, golden sands overlooking the North Sea.

Loch Morlich
You don’t have to be on the coast to visit the beach! In the heart of the highlands and the Cairngorms National Park, you’ll find the highest beach in Britain at Loch Morlich, near Aviemore. There’s a watersports centre, a wee beach hut cafe and snow-capped mountain circling the water. Also, a short meander through the woodland play area, will take you to the relaxed Glenmore Campsite.

Head into the wilds of the West Coast, an hour north of Ullapool and follow a single-track road down towards the sandy bay. You'll be met by highland cows, uninterrupted views of the Summer Isles, the almost mythical ‘Split Rock,’ old fishing stations and Flossie's Beach Store - an off-the-beaten-track shack serving up essentials, little luxuries and real barista coffee. Also, there’s a great wee pie shop in nearby Lochinver. Where to stay? Pitch your tent close to the sand at Clachtoll Beach Campsite.

Discover one of Scotland’s not-so-hidden gems in the East Neuk of Fife, an area known for its string of pretty fishing villages and a microclimate offering milder and drier than average weather. Pittenweem has a couple of cute, wee beaches, pitch and putt, cafes, a historic harbour, the#PittenweemChocolateCompany, an old-fashioned ice cream and sweetie shop on the waterfront and stunning coastal paths connecting Pittenweem to nearby villages. Visit the The Scottish Fisheries Museum and get fish and chips from the award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar in the neighbouring village. Also, you have a choice of camping sites at nearby Crail, St Monans, Elie and Cellardyke - and plenty more beaches too!

#CalgaryBay, Isle of Mull
Beyond the ferry crossing and tourist trail to Tobermory, discover wild camping with benefits. There's a handy wc nearby and you'll wake up to views of white sands sweeping along the edge of a crystal atlantic ocean. Read more at The Independent

Dive into the WILDHOOD way and discover more at
#KindgdomOfWildhood #BornToBeWild#wildhoodfestival #disconnecttoconnect

images by WILDHOOD except 'canoes' by @georgiadelotz, sourced via unsplash

#repost WILDHOOD instagram and facebook (14th June 2019)

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Some Clients Say The Sweetest Things...

'Wow! It sent shivers down my spine!!!  You've expressed the right feel for the business - I didn't need to change a single word!!' Sophie Latinis, Owner/Director, Pittenweem Chocolate Company

Several years ago, when I began my first copywriting project with the Pittenweem Chocolate Company, receiving approval from Sophie was music to my ears. Since then, it's been a real blessing to continue our working relationship and I was delighted to return after a break for maternity leave in 2016/2017. Now, my little one is off to nursery and I'm able to consider opportunities to work with more like-minded clients. With this in mind, Sophie has kindly written a full testimonial.

'Since 2012, Vicky has provided ongoing copywriting and marketing services to the Pittenweem Chocolate Company - an artisan Scottish business with global reach, which continues to attract the attention of iconic publications and influencers from around the world.

Vicky’s services include producing copy and content for our blog and social media channels on a weekly basis, copywriting for adverts/promotional features, and producing press kits for local, national and global media. In addition, she envisioned and directed the style, tone, photography and copy for our website and managed our official photo shoots; consistently aligning our online presence with our overall brand identity.

Vicky has also produced our one-off series of ‘Chocolat’ inspired events, written our hospitality-meets-PR training handbook, hosted coaching briefings for our front-of-house team and she is our ‘go-to’ consultant and coach on incoming PR enquires and interview opportunities.

I have found Vicky very professional, reliable in all our dealings and have great respect for her instincts. I highly recommend her to any company searching for a copywriter, PR / media consultant, social media creative - or all of the above!'

Sophie Latinis
Owner / Director
The Cocoa Tree Shop / Cafe
Pittenweem Chocolate Company 

Soil And Surf - A Pop Up Showcase...

Last weekend, friends of Soil and Surf joined us in our driftwood garden for a celebration of hills and harbours, mountains and mermaids, wildlife and waves. Profits of £470 were raised for the people who help keep us safe in our favourite wild places - ocean deep, mountain high - Anstruther Lifeboat Shop and Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team. Thank you to everyone who joined us and to supporters for digging deep and donating! And now, here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes…

Gamekeeper's Gallery
As Seen On TV! We journeyed into the wild with our special guest, Peter Mckinney, highland gamekeeper-turned-photographer. You may even remember him from documentary, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It. Amidst the beauty of the Cairngorm National Park and beyond - with its abundance of wildlife and epic mountain scenery - he always gets the perfect shot. Meanwhile, his wife, Kate poured the perfect shots at our alfresco bar...

Mermaid Cafe
Served in waves, guests experienced the taste of ’soil and surf’…special thanks to Pittenweem Hub for supplying our 'Hills and Harbour' gin, our friends in the highlands for the wild venison and to local fisherman, Nick, for the lobster. Also, pizza was created in our Ooni 3 wood-fired oven from Ooni and you can find a recipe for the base at

Gardener's Gallery
Elsewhere in our driftwood garden, we invited guests to experience creative gardening | coastal living. Jim showcased the fruits of his labour: a coast-inspired garden featuring beachcombed treasures and Pittenweem In Bloom award-winning driftwood sculpture, community allotment and handmade furniture crafted for #outdoorliving by the sea.

And Not-So-Hidden-Treasures...
2pm - 4pm

Our magical mermaids offered messages and massages - the mermaid oracle card readings soothed minds while our trained therapist Stephanie, soothed hardworking hands.

THANK YOU again for joining us where the mountains met the sea - for one day only - and experiencing the simple pleasures of a Soil and Surf lifestyle.

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