Conde Naste Discovers A Treasure Trove In The East Neuk...

New York, The Maldives, Capri....Pittenweem!

The East Neuk of Fife really is home to a treasure trove of wonderful producers, people, places and pleasures. So, it was very exciting to see one of my local clients - The Pittenweem Chocolate Company - receive a nod from a prestigious, international publication. The Pittenweem Chocolate Company and many celebrated attractions in this wonderful little corner of the world, were given the endorsement from luxury travel magazine Conde Naste Traveller, which highlighted Fife alongside glamorous locations including The Maldives, New York and Capri.

The article also got me thinking about the hidden gems that weren't given a mention. These are the produce, people, places and pleasures enjoyed by in-the-know locals and often missed by globe-trotting journalists.  So, if you're visiting the East Neuk for your seaside holidays this spring/summer, check out an insiders guide to 'living like the locals'....

A Little Background...

Acoustic Wave works with several local clients in the East Neuk, promoting their fabulous, unique produce and services.  These include:-

The Pittenweem Chocolate Company
The Fisherman's Larder - Out Of The Sea, Onto Your Plate
Funky Scottish - Studio, Gallery & Boutique By The Sea
Coast - A Classic Seaside Cafe

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