Yoga - Reigniting The Romance...

Once you've really experienced the benefits of yoga, it's difficult to fully let go.  Even as you drift away for a time - practicing less and less each day or week - you start aching for the relaxation and release, flexibility and tone that a committed relationship with yoga can bring. At least, that's been my experience.  So, once again, I've returned to yoga as a regular practice...and it feels great!  

Of course, it doesn't always feel great. Like a wonderful romance, yoga (or your attitude towards it) brings its challenges.  The best way to stay inspired to practice - especially on mornings when you feel resistance - is to immerse yourself in positive yoga articles, images and affirmations which focus on the many benefits it brings to your life. I've discovered recently that the aches which naturally come from too much time slouched at the computer - combined with reading about yoga and it's healing, healthy magic - provide the perfect incentive to jump on the mat! 

Yoga as a form of exercise may not be for everyone, but if you haven't tried it, it's worth giving a go. There are countless types, from slow and restorative to energising, flowing practices. Give yoga a chance and you may discover a mind-body-spirit connection that you can truly love for life!

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