A Recipe For La Dolce Vita...

What happens when you mix the deep sea with dark chocolate? You’re creating a recipe for 'la dolce vita' - the sweet life…

According to an article published in the journal, Health Place, those who live by the coast report better physical and mental health, over all. The sound of the sea encourages us to unwind, while ocean blues are calming and inspiring. Meanwhile, recent studies show that eating dark chocolate (minimum 70% cacao) reduces inflammation and stress, while improving memory, immunity and mood.

So, if you stay or holiday in Pittenweem, you’re in Scotland’s very own sweet spot.
PS. Our dark chocolates - handmade in Pittenweem - are made with heapfuls of cacao and infused with a big pinch of sea air. Visit us on the village high street or discover our online shop at pittenweemchocolate.co.uk\


A little background...

Working with the Pittenweem Chocolate Company,  I provide:-

social media marketing
blog writing
news releases, media kits, press coverage

Find out more about Acoustic Wave - boutique media, marketing and entertainment studio - at acousticwave.co.uk

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