It’s been a busy few days amidst the creative waves. 

Researching and writing interview questions for a series of short films about some very interesting people reminded me of being back in radio production and interviewing Kylie by proxy - yes, I can almost say I almost met Kylie. But not quite. I should be so lucky. 

Writing social media posts for 6 x super cool small businesses reminded me how good it feels to lose track of time doing work that doesn’t feel like work. 

And doing voiceovers for a series of educational modules about mental health issues reminded me that regardless of how we make a living and no matter what our ‘highlight reel’ looks like, it’s most important to make a life that FEELS good. 

In a seashell, seek out simple pleasures, treasure people we love to share time with, and find the courage to speak up when all isn’t well. Our health is our wealth and it’s vital to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Image by Adrian Dascal via Unsplash

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