Out Of Office. Out Of Time? Climate Strikes + Dreaming Of A Better World...

This morning, I awakened with last night’s dream clinging to a sunny day. I had been standing inside a childhood home, a safe place, as sea water climbed up the window outside. We rushed to the top floor and already, the water was seeping through the attic door and cracks in the roof. 

Shaking it off in the cold light of day, I walked through our quiet village with my daughter. She pointed at the receding moon and we talked about its power over the tides. 

Later, I met a woman on the beach, who said she found our little stretch of coastline a bit creepy...the way the tide crawls in very slowly, without us noticing. I have often had similar feelings about this beautiful beach where accused witches were punished for crimes they didn’t commit - those long rocky skerries remind me of fingers, clawing their way through the sand, or maybe pointing at us, accusingly. 

On a distant rock, a heron stood tall, patient, looking back towards the shoreline of humanity, waiting. 

‘At least the tide is going out,’ the woman said. 

But, the tide will turn again. Today is the Global Climate Strike, the first of its kind. Millions across the world are walking out of schools and work to protest for our planet. They are protesting for our children and all the creatures who are being punished for crimes they didn’t commit. But millions of people are not enough. One day is not enough. One action is not enough. We are ALL needed, today, everyday. 

And back to the dream. A psychologist could offer many explanations for it, but I also wonder if others are having similar nightmares? After all, we are subtly aware that for many people all over the world, this is already more than a bad dream.  Are our intuitions and collective unconscious trying to tell us something? As I write, a siren is getting louder. It’s time to wake up.

11 Ways To Wake Up...

1 switch to #renewables @ecotricity 
2 drive less, in a smaller or electric car
3 take the bus, train or walk 
4 wave goodbye to air travel …and enjoy more #staycations
5 ask what the new clothes, furniture, whatever, are worth to us - do they cost the earth? 
6 choose more and more #plasticfree
7 choose home grown, local, organic, sustainable, fsc, reclaimed
8 eat more plants 🌱, less meat/dairy
9 switch to a bank with ethics as standard
10 live more simply, leave smaller 👣 
11 speak 🔈 out and act up 💕

Learn more via Greenpeace. 

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